About Us

And thanks for taking out time to read a bit more about Us! Danial Exim is a Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, India based Export start-Up that came into International Tea Trading in Year 2022. We are lean team passionate about making best tea aromas for enrich your taste. We are already in Tea Export from our clients in different countries.

What we belief is to give best quality Indian Tea to all over world at reasonable cost. Danial Tea was born from the concept to promote legacy of the Indian Culture by bringing its most elegant tea to you. Perhaps, only few things in this world are as elegant as Indian Tea

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Assam Indian Tea Dip Bags

Assam Indian Tea Dip Bags- 25, 50 & 100 Dip Bags Boxes

Danial Tea has worked hard over the span many years to gain the trust of million in many countries. Our team of professional tea tasters makes sure to offer you out standing flavours, Taste, Aroma and Richness along with the natural goodness of tea by testing more than 800 cups per day. Strong CTC Danial Tea is a sources hand-picked tea leaves from the best & largest tea growing region of India in Upper Assam, a region lying on the side of Brahmaputra River in the North-East India. Danial Tea gives you the premium Assam quality tea with a beautiful golden color and distinctive taste. The one you would love to cherish with your family and friends.

Mango, Lemon, Strawberry Tea and Mixed Fruit

Mango, Lemon, Strawberry Tea and Mixed Fruit Flavour Tea-100g & 250g
Danial “MANGO TEA”
Danial green Lemon Tea
Danial strawberry black tea
Danial Mixed Fruit Flavour Tea

Special PEKOE Exclusive Indian Tea

Special PEKOE Exclusive Indian Tea-100g, 200g, 250g & 500g
A finely cut black tea with the classic Assam flavor. Robust and malty, with bright citrus and fine, fragrant rose undertones. Raw tea leaves are carefully hand-plucked, then processed through a typical tea cutting machine to achieve the small leaf size. Brews into a bold but well-balanced cup. Ideal for hot tea, blending or flavoring

Special OPA Exclusive Indian Tea

Special OPA Exclusive Indian Tea-100g, 200, 250g & 500g
Danial “LONG LEAF-Special OPA” Assam tea gets its name from the Assam region in India. Where it is grown. Assam lies along the Brahmaputra river an area called the Brahmaputra valley in Northeast India. Assam tea is known for its full bodied malty flavour, Deep Aroma, Rich Color and strong taste.

Assam CTC-Granular Exclusive Indian Tea

Assam CTC-Granular Exclusive Indian-100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1KG & 2KG
Danial CTC Tea is customized for those people who want for that perfect strong cup of tea. Made with the finest tea leaves from the finest tea gardens of Assam, Danial CTC Tea is blended to give that perfect golden cup to people who strive for a real drinking experience. Best suited for people who enjoy tea with more milk.

Our Company

After success in national trade Danial Exim enter in international trade in 2022. Danial Exim has its corporate guidelines to not only Trading in tea but also to maintain the quality of tea which has been assorted from different Tea estates of Darjeeling, Assam, Dooars, South India for satisfying the needs of our customer. We are registered buyers at all major auction centres in India having sizeable purchase Orders every week to meet various requirements of our clients. We procure garden fresh tea & Blend to commensurate the tea quality with the demand of the market. Awe deal in all Black Tea, CTC, Orthodox Tea, Darjeeling, Green Tea and Flavoured tea. The procurement, Blending and Packaging of the teas are done under the supervision of our tea taster having vast experience in this field as such we have always met the specification and quality of tea demanded by our buyers.





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